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About Healing Art by Jen

I am Jen! The one behind Healing Art by Jen.  I began painting a few years ago to help myself process the healing from an abusive past.  A childhood filled with dysfunction, abuse and abandonment.  But I never try to let it get me down.  I have always had a very joyful life.  I am married and have 3 amazing kids.  But one day my past came to a head and exploded all over my life.  I didn't know what to do with what I was feeling.  So I found that painting and working with crystals were seriously helping me.  So that is where Healing Art by Jen began.  Its been a few years now and I cannot believe the outpouring of love and support for my once embarassing pieces of my vulnerability to now an example of strength, courage and beauty.  So take a look and see what pain processed can look like.